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Lost turns 100 tonight!

Displayed here are images of the celebratory cake crafted for the cast and crew of Lost by the nice fellows from Ace of Cakes.

As we have mentioned in the past, it's a real milestone for a TV show to reach 100 episodes. It means that it's likely been on the air for at least 5 seasons, and if a show sticks around for 5 seasons, generally that means it's something special (generally...).

In honor of this milestone, we thought it'd be fitting to get some Lost discussion started!

Mainly, which character possesses your favorite backstory?

And...because it might be a different response, What is your favorite episode?

The 100th episode of Lost, The Variable, airs tonight on ABC at 9PM.



Apr 29, 2009 8:30PM EDT

I think my favorite backstory overall is John Locke. He has one of the most intriguing pasts, and though back in the day John Locke used to be even more fascinating, I think over the entire 100 episodes, my favorites have been those revealing more about this mysterious, lonely man meant for a whole bunch more on the island! Otherwise in fav episodes, I think my favorites are those that have been the most heartbreaking and shocking like with (spoiler alert for those in like season 1), the deaths of Boone, Shannon, then Charlie.

Large good to be queen
Apr 30, 2009 12:13AM EDT

Charlie's death I was ready for, but Shannon's shocked the heck out of me. I liked Locke's backstory as well, mainly because it was such a contrast between that and the person he became on the island. However, my all time favourite has to be Ben's flashbacks; he is a smashingly good anti-hero.

Default avatar cat
Apr 30, 2009 4:47AM EDT

My favorite episode was definitley Desmond's 'the constant' where he travels through time. As for a backstory, locke is the most mysterious and probably the best. However I need to give Jack some love. I think he is supposed to be the fan favorite, but i don't think he is among most fans. I love Jack's character and his backstory, even if it might not be as interesting, but I believe his storyline will end strong and make for some great TV in the remaining episodes.

Default avatar cat
May 2, 2009 5:19AM EDT

My favorite backstory is probably Locke's (of course), but I'd say that Juliet's is pretty interesting too. My least favorite is Sayid's, mostly because I feel his story tapped out in season 2 and he's sticking around at this point mostly because of fan popularity.My favorite episode... that's a really tough category but it comes down to five: Walkabout, Through the Looking Glass, The Constant, Something Nice Back Home, and The Other 48 Days.

May 6, 2009 3:10PM EDT

I am probably over looking alot of episodes BUT 'The Constant' was such a well made episode, the emotion between Penny and Desmond and the camera work switching from past to present. Pure brilliance, I am going to watch it now actually haha

Default avatar cat
May 6, 2009 5:43PM EDT

i'm going to put myself out there by saying this...but desmond and penny are waaaaay over-rated. The story is integral to the over-arching plot but as a couple they are only so-so. I haven't really been gripped with emotion when they come on screen. I mean the reunion was touching but overall way over-rated.

Default avatar cat
May 6, 2009 8:19PM EDT

backstory, probably hurleys or lockes, but my favourite character is benfavourite episode, this is imposible to say, because to me lost is like a huge movie, not a tv show. but my favourite parts where when they found the hatch and it had the numbers on it, when they openede it, when they explode it, when you start to learn about the others, when they are all happy to leave and the flashforward of jack saying they have to go back. That moment was so good, knowing they would regret what they were going to do. haha

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