Cop Out Red Band Trailer Arrives

The first trailer for Kevin Smith's Cop Out didn't exactly set the world alight with praise. If anything, most people viewed it as a major slump for the man, Bruce Willis and even Tracy Morgan. But Smith made sure we all knew that a Red Band trailer could sell the film more effectively. And now? It's finally here.

And does it make us want to see the movie any more? Actually, yes. The sight of Morgan punching a child (it's in response to the little miscreant kicking him in the junk) and the creative torrent of verbal abuse that spews from the various characters really does nudge this one a little higher up the ol' to-see list, assuming you're not mortally offended by lots of naughty words.

Willis actually seems to be having more fun himself in this one and we get a solid feel for how the partnership between the two central cops works.

Not everything can be fixed, of course - the scenes that were annoying in the first trailer are still slightly annoying here, even with Seann William Scott's motor mouth let off the ratings leash.

Check it out for yourself (courtesy of MySpace) and let us know if your opinion has changed. Cop Out arrives on 26 February - would you go and see it now?

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