Preview of Episode 1.8 "The Sabbath Queen"

On tonight's episode of Kings - "The Sabbath Queen" - it is the birthday of King Silas (Ian McShane), but the celebrations are interrupted by a citywide blackout that also puts the royal family in peril. That being said, it gives the king's daughter Michelle (Allison Miller) and David (Christopher Egan) a chance to be alone, while Jack (Sebastian) sets off to engage in his secret double life without being noticed. Finally, a decision from the past of the king catches up with him and actually threatens his future.

On the last episode of the canceled NBC series, Jack and David traveled to Gath to shore up the peace treaty, which didn't exactly go well because of a surprising request from Gath. Michelle, meanwhile, encountered problems due to her healthcare bill, while Silas was forced to act to prevent a plague from ravaging the city, without realizing that the plague exists in his own house.

"The Sabbath Queen" marks the second episode of the last eight that NBC will air this summer, following Kings' cancellation mid-May. The critically acclaimed but underappreciated drama will reportedly tie up all loose ends en route to its July 25 series finale.

Kings also stars Susanna Thompson as Queen Rose Benjamin, who claims to abhor politics but in reality manipulates masterfully from the background; Eamonn Walker as Rev. Ephram Samuels, the modern day prophet Samuel who has withdrawn support from the king; Dylan Baker as industrialist William Cross who is also the brother of Queen Rose who tries to control the king via his investment; and Wes Studi as General Linus Abner, head of Gilboa's military. Macaulay Culkin joins the cast of Kings in a multiple-episode arc as the king's nephew Andrew, who returns from an exile of unknown grounds.

Catch Kings tonight 8pm on NBC.

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