'Treme' - 'All on a Mardi Gras Day' Recap Episode 8

I forgot to order the King Cake, but Fat Tuesday has finally arrived, folks, and our favorite New Orleanians are back and partying like true survivors.

What a special Mardi Gras episode this was for us 'Treme' fans. I have to admit that I know very little about the nuances of New Orleans' legendary Carnival, so I can't say with first-hand knowledge that it was authentic, but this excellent episode made me feel like I had experienced Mardi Gras to a tiny degree.

First, the requisite awe at Khandi Alexander's portrayal of the grieving LaDonna. Having to keep her terrible secret about her dead brother led to her most understated and best performance of the season, so far. How did she keep so much hidden (although apparently carried in her tense shoulders)? That had to take a strength I'm certain most people couldn't summon. Alexander's facial expressions are a revelation -- especially the ones after her Mama says she'll attend Mardi Gras next year "when we're all together again," and at the end when she's in front of the mortuary.

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