SPOOKS Season 9 Episode 4 Review

The Spooks catch wind of three Chinese agents having entered the country on fake British passports. It leads them to Amphitrite, which at first seems to be a desalination project that could potentially create potable water from seawater, but is actually the codename of the woman behind the project. Amphitrite - Jiang - was originally from China, but she's now a British citizen working for the Americans.

With the help of double agent Kai, the Spooks find Jiang, but not without some hitches that deliver her into Chinese hands and make Kai look like a traitor to the UK. Once Kai's innocence is determined, they move to get Jiang back. It leads to a standoff, with the Chinese threatening to detonate a bomb if Jiang isn't left with them. Harry - with the help of an armed Kai - stalls proceedings; Tariq finds the truck containing the bomb and Dimitri rushes to disarm it.

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