'Breaking Bad' - 'Half Measures' Recap Season 3, Episode 12

There is no more "Holy Crap!" show on television than 'Breaking Bad'! Vince Gilligan has done it again, delivering a knock-out penultimate episode that qualifies as a mind-blower. If any of you saw this one coming, you're smarter than I am because I was literally thrown off my chair by the events in the last minute of 'Half Measures.'

And, oh, if you wonder whether or not Walter was listening when Mike gave him a sermon about the subject of half measures, the answer is yes. He not only listened, he heard and got the message. More on that and Marie's hidden talents after the jump.

Maddening is the only word to describe Jesse Pinkman. Walter's partner showed himself to be a dangerous commodity again, but there was also that amazing confrontation with Gus. Jesse has a pair of brass balls on him, you have to admit that. Standing up to Gus when Mike and Walt were sitting there like obedient observers, Jesse was impressive. Crazy, but impressive.

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