CHUCK ''Chuck Versus the Coup D'Etat'' Review

What happened next when Chuck held up a ring to Sarah in last week's episode? Well, it served as a catalyst for the main subplot of this week's show. Morgan gives Chuck a book 101 Conversations before I Do. Sarah is pretty non-receptive to the ideas from the book, and when Sarah discovers the book she has a mini freak out...their conversation is interrupted by a nuclear missle.

When Awesome and Ellie are invited to Costa Gravas, they bring Chuck and Sarah along. Awesome is being honored with a huge marble statue.

When the wife goes bananas and starts a coup, Sarah and Chuck manage to escape with the general and Awesome and Ellie. They return when they find out she also tried to start a nuclear war and using their relationship as an allegory for Chuck and Sarah's relationship, all conflicts are healed. For the most part.

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