LIE TO ME ''The Royal We'' Review Season 3, Episode 2

Cal is having a rough go trying to write his second book in this episode. He's looking for any sort of distraction and decides to barge his way into a beauty pageant that Foster was supposed to work alone. The Lightman Group was hired after some other pageants had some trouble and Cal immediately gets a reading on one of the contestants. When the girl accuses a man of molesting her, Cal and Foster try to find out more but the more they dig into what happened, the stranger the story gets.

It turns out that the girl is what Cal likes to call an emotional vampire. She came on to the man and when he turned her down, she attacked him so that he'd have to fight back and cause the bruises she uses as proof. She not only enjoyed seeing him suffer after the accusation, she also enjoys her mother's pain at seeing her dear daughter molested. The girl really just wants to quit the pageants and all the pressure her mother has put on her and causing pain was her way of getting back. When Cal reveals the truth and takes that all away, the girl considers ending it all but Cal shows her how to stand up to her mom and quit doing pageants instead.

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