Recap Third Watch: Season 1, Episode 4 - Hell Is What You Make of It

Rookie Carlos struggles with disillusionment over his new job due to his contentious relationship with his training officer, Doc. At the scene of a gangbanger's shooting, Doc insists that he and Carlos remain in the ambulance until police arrive to control the assembled onlookers--some still brandishing weapons. Angry at the paramedics' inaction, a man in the crowd smashes the ambulance's windshield, and Doc quickly backs the rig away from the scene. Carlos cannot believe that Doc won't take action when a young man lies bleeding in the street. Doc reminds Carlos that their failure to follow procedure resulted in Jerry's shooting.

Carlos confides his dissatisfaction to Davis, who feels the same way about his trainer, Sully. Sully's seeming passivity causes Davis to refer to him as an "old lady." Ignoring Sully's advice not to get emotionally involved with every crime victim, Davis loses control and batters a child molester in a crowded hospital lobby.

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