'The Secret Life of the American Teenager': Not exactly a top party school

For some reason, it never struck me before the opening scenes on the other night's "The Secret Life of The American Teenager" that so many of the kids in that school have lost a parent. I actually think the notion of having a support group for those kids makes complete and total sense no wonder the meeting didn't go well.

Madison wasn't really a help in that conversation, but Madison is never really a help with anything, is she? She certainly ought to have been smarter than to allow a picture of a very pregnant Amy in the yearbook. Not a terribly friend-like thing to do, was it? And, as Madison and Lauren remind us every time they appear on the show - you know, once every four episodes - they're Amy's best friends.

Forget that crazy Madison though, let's head straight to the meat of things Ben and the prostitute, aka Betty, aka the Sausage King's potential new queen. Ben spilled the beans about Betty's occupation, and it turns out that Leo knew all along. Leo made the claim that Betty has quit her one-time profession. I'm not quite sure I accept that, do you?

Elsewheres, wouldn't life be great if Amy was slightly less whiny? How can she possibly be surprised that she has classes to make up? Surely she recognized that there were only so many classes she could miss in a school year before getting an incomplete. Oh, wait, we're talking about Amy here, the girl who thinks that she can leave her child for two months to go to Italy, leave her job for two months to go to Italy, and that she deserves a part-time job that gives her full benefits and where they watch her child for free, and, and, and. Once you consider that, her shock makes complete sense.

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Aug 11, 2009 1:11AM EDT

Well quite obviously the reason Amy is whiny is because that is how the average 15 year old acts. And thinking she could leave her child with her parents that is exactly how a 15 year old thinks.
People need to realise that this is a TV show. The characters are either going to be typical or they are going to be stereotyped. Having Amy suddenly mature and start caring for herself and John with no help and no complaining is not realistic. She obviously lacks the maturity to do these things and as a 17 year old i have seen quite a few girls who got pregnant assume that they could just pass in school because they were pregnant.
You don't have to overcomplicate TV shows or over analyse them. Why not just sit back and enjoy?

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