Review - Fringe, Season 2

Now that LOST has left the airwaves, there's nothing more appropriate to fill that gaping genre hole than another J.J. Abrams series: Fringe. The series, which found its footing mid-season one, returned last fall for a rousing second season that was in my opinion some of the most tightly written sci-fi on television that year, perhaps even more so - and I hesitate to say it - than LOST. Now, the six season mystery drama was incredibly well done, but there is a big difference between it and Fringe: with LOST, there are questions of whether or not the writers knew what they were doing, or whether they were making it up as they went along. With Fringe, I've heard none of that. Fringe seems to be written so well that there isn't any doubt whether or not the writers have been telling the same story throughout its duration - it feels like one big puzzle that we have all of the pieces to, but we just need the writers to snap them together.

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