'Brothers & Sisters': Science isn't always fair Season 4, Episode 12

On this week's "Brothers & Sisters," The Walkers fall victim to certain elements and have to figure out which ones they can control.

Kevin's biology lesson

Sarah is getting some major tween-tude from Paige. When did she grow up? So, when Paige's school sponsors a science fair, Paige isn't keen on her mother helping out. Sarah asks her brothers to help.

Before the fair, Kevin and Scotty find out that their sperm has created eight possible embryos. Five are Kevin's. The other three are Scotty's. Kevin's competitive nature moves to boasting after he hears the news and Scotty gets visibly annoyed by his behavior. When Kevin helps Paige with her science project (creating electricity from lemons), he funnels his competitive nature into the project. He bumps it up a few notches from her idea of powering a small light to a dancing robot.

While at the fair, Scotty finds out that several of the embryos haven't matured correctly. The faulty ones are Kevin's. Kevin then funnels his feelings of inadequacy into Paige's project, as well. While he's "upgrading" it, the whole thing falls apart.

While Paige blames Sarah's motherly meddling and not Kevin for her project being destroyed, Kevin apologizes to her. He explains that when he was young, he always overcompensated. That usually led to him being made fun of.

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