'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains' Recap: Playing Dirty, Featuring Parvati

Last week on Survivor: Heroes vs Villains, the Heroes continued their fall from grace, after a particularly nasty Tribal Council sent Stephenie packing. While all that happens, the Villains find their footing. This week, a lesson for me: don't be very certain, because things have been flipped over. Again.

Heroes rising: If we're to believe Tom, the last vote was cathartic for the tribe, but he isn't hopeful that it would change things. Consider this: James just wants to win. JT just wants to stay on top of the game--his explanation for voting Steph out. Colby is frustrated that nobody's playing fair anymore. The aim: to make it as pleasant as possible at camp.

I think the Heroes still want to make this set-up work. Rupert acts like a camp leader this time: he wants it to rain so everyone will huddle in their shelter and they'll have "empowerment activities". It doesn't rain, but nature cooperates anyway: they found another bunch of chickens, and they catch them all. "It's a neat experience," he said, "and that's what we need."

Well, not really. JT is still at it, trying to break Candice and Cirie apart by telling one that the other doesn't trust her. "My lying ability is better than it should be," he says, because he doesn't really lie outside the show. The two girls sense something is up, but don't find anything yet.

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