Review: House - The Down Low Season 6, Episode 10

After a short hiatus, House was back last night with one of the better episodes this season that still followed the old "mystery patient" formula. However, it expanded upon just the patient du jour with three very entertaining storylines and the hour made a good argument for why Thirteen and Taub deserved to come back.

While the show can still be nerve-wracking at times, if only because you know it's all building up to House's light bulb moment at the end, it's good to know that the journey to that moment doesn't always have to be the same.

With Ethan Embry on board as a sick undercover cop who's trying to maintain his alias while bringing down a drug ring, there was reason to be excited about the episode before it even began. I had visions of Declan Giggs from Brotherhood running through my head and Embry didn't disappoint. While his subplot was the weakest of the three, it was still a solid tale and it ended well as we watched him die, feeling satisfied that he was still able to nail the bad guys without wasting his last breath by blowing his cover to save himself.

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