The Office Season 6, Episode 1: "Gossip" - Recap

In the season premiere of The Office, rumors about the summer interns lead to Michael discovering a new way to be the center of attention: gossip. Unfortunately, not everything he says is true. And the things that are true are the most damaging. The gossip-mongering leads to a big reveal for the Dunder Mifflinites, including one who begins an earnest examination of his sexuality.

How many of you work in an office? And I'm not talking a two-hour lunch, half-day Fridays dot-com. No, I'm talking a tried-and-true, honest-to-goodness, American-as-apple-pie office?

Well, if you do, as I have recently had the (mis)fortune of experiencing, you'll know why my LOLs morphed into ROFLs within the first 5 seconds of this week's premiere; Michael and his ragtag team of male dolts are "gizmo-ing" around the office, which basically involves destructively jumping on office furniture in an effort to get across the room. The shortest distance between two points surely is not a straight line for these guys. It's so not acceptable office behavior, which makes it oh-so right!

Reckless walking eventually gave way to confusion and then deceit (and then hilarity, which is always the case with this show). Simply stated, Michael uncovers the naughty truth about one of his employees, and he spills the beans to anyone and everyone who will listen.

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