CSI: NY: A.J. Buckley "Needs Some Love"--And Is Clueless About Who Will Die At Season's End

This year seems to be a good year for A.J. Buckley, or at least his character on CSI: NY. The past few episodes, the spotlight's been trained on him bit by bit: the investigator who finds a bit of himself in a young murder suspect (and gives up his iPod in the process), the lab technician whose job is still in limbo, the street hockey enthusiast who happened to be in the right place at the right time - I'll have to say this, but what's not there to love?

Isn't it crazy how that happens? Buckley said regarding his lucky position on the CSI: NY episode Green Piece' - the one about environmental terrorists bombing a house - that aired a couple of weeks back. It felt great just to get out of the lab, but then to also get such great material to work with, and the explosion, and doing my own stunt - I've really been excited with where they've taken Adam this year. They're sort of peeling the layers back.''

Every time I read a script, he gets a bit more defined, he elaborates regarding his character, technician Adam Ross. He's going from being that nervous, wide-eyed guy to asserting him as an actual CSI team member.

Could that mean a potential pair-up with fellow CSI (and boss) Stella Bonasera (Melina Kanakaredes)? They keep writing this thing where there is, like, a tension between us, and I guess it all started with some look I once shot at her, he said. I'm like, okay, I'll take it!' Adam needs some love. He had a girl at the beginning of season 4, and now He works too hard, and he needs some feminine attention.

But that's not the biggest storyline CSI: NY fans could wait for: it's the death, somewhere during this season's finale, that will forever change the show. Buckley would've been willing to, at the very least, hint about who will move on, but the catch is, nobody knows. The god's honest truth is that none of us know [who is being killed off], he said. We have all been buzzing on the set, 'Who is getting killed?' It's created so much anxiety! I'm terrified to open up the script when we get it in a couple weeks. This is such a family. It will be devastating to see anybody go. No joke, I will cry, I'll be so bummed.

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