Creator Hints at 'Gossip Girl' Spin-off Crossover with 'The OC'

The Gossip Girl spin-off, set to take off via a 20-minute flashback on The CW series' May 11 episode, hasn't even received an official pick-up, but executive producer Josh Schwartz already has a lot of ideas for it.

For instance, according to Schwartz, since the spin-off took place in the 80s when Serena's (Blake Lively) mom Lily (Kelly Rutherford) was in high school, it's very possible that she'll meet and even hang out with several characters from The O.C.

What we know is [ 'OC' characters] Kirsten Cohen, or Kirsten Nichols as she was born, and Jimmy Cooper lived in Newport Beach in the '80s, he said. So there's a total possibility that in one episode, Lily could have been friends with Kirsten or Jimmy Cooper when they were young. I would love to do that.

The CW has previously said that the spin-off will receive the green light depending on how the particular episode would fare in the ratings as well as the general public reception.

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