Recap 'Til Death: Season 1, Episode 6 - Your Mother or Your Wife

Jeff and Steph stand in his office, with Jeff's mother, Bonnie. Eddie wheels in a dead TV, and introduces him to Bonnie. Steph and Bonnie head out for manicures and shopping. When they're gone, Eddie says it's a shame they hate each other. Mothers and wives always hate each other.

Jeff, Steph and Bonnie leave a Chinese place for dinner at night. A nearby scooter backfires, and Jeff dives for his mother, thinking the backfire was a gun shot.

At home, Bonnie gets ready for bed. Steph is giving Jeff the cold shoulder for what he did after dinner. Jeff does his best to smooth things over, but Steph is furious. Steph knows that Jeff is siding with his mother, and Jeff begs for forgiveness.

The next morning, Jeff goes to the Stark's early to avoid the battle at home. Jeff tells Eddie and Joy about the scooter backfiring and the trouble he's in with Steph. Joy smacks Jeff on the head and tells him Steph is the most important woman in his life. Eddie agrees with Joy, and says Bonnie should be sent home immediately. Once Joy leaves for work, Eddie changes his story. He tells Jeff that he shouldn't send his mother home, there's no love like a mother's love. Eddie tells Jeff that there are ways to avoid the mother and wife battle. Eddie uses secret e-mail addresses and credit cards to show his mother love.

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