Recap 'Til Death: Season 1, Episode 7 - Dream Getaway

Joy and Eddie read the morning paper. The phone rings but neither answers. The machine clicks on, it's Linda wishing them a happy anniversary, two days late. Eddie and Joy realize they missed their own anniversary.

Joy gives the Woodcock's travel brochures for a romantic getaway. Joy points out that Eddie doesn't want to travel, but Eddie defends that he does, but to the Arctic tundra to go camping. The Woodcocks invite the Starks to join them for the dream weekend.

Joy is mad because Eddie doesn't want to go with her for a romantic weekend. But ultimately Joy is able to guilt Eddie into going.

The Starks and Woodcocks pack into the lodge elevator. The Woodcocks flirt relentlessly, and the Starks just want to get to their room.

The Starks' hotel room is luxurious, but Eddie is only concerned about where he put his soap. Joy hands Eddie the remote and turns on the television.

In the Woodcocks' room, Steph wakes up suddenly. She tells Jeff she had a weird dream. Jeff begs her to tell him about the dream, and Steph says she had a sex dream about Eddie. Jeff rolls away from her, shocked.

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