Recap 'Til Death: Season 1, Episode 8 - Death Sex

Eddie enters his classroom and tells his class he's going to eat his breakfast before he teaches. He drops some bacon on the ground and when he bends down to get it, he pulls something in his back.

Eddie gets an MRI at the hospital. The MRI technician asks where Eddie has pain, and he answers on his right side. Eddie gets suspicious about the technician's questioning. Eddie begs to know what's wrong, but the technician refuses to answer.

Eddie tells Joy that he's dying. Joy tells Eddie to relax. Eddie begins to worry about his back. He follows Joy outside, and the Woodcocks jog up. Jeff asks how Eddie is, and Eddie continues saying he's near death. Steph begins to cry, Eddie's illness reminds her of her dead cat, Mr. Pajamas.

Joy sits in bed, using her laptop. Eddie comes out and discovers she was searching for "back + cancer." Eddie starts to panic more about his back pain. Joy admits that she is a little nervous about Eddie dying.

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