Recap 'Til Death: Season 1, Episode 9 - The Toaster

Joy empties a grocery bag and reads an environmental tip on the back that says they should unplug unused appliances. She unplugs the toaster. Eddie then plugs it back in, refusing to do this dance every time he wants toast. Joy argues that the grocery bag is right, but Eddie is determined to prove her wrong.

At school, Eddie asks Jeff if he has seen Tom Franklin, the science teacher. He wants Tom to support Eddie's side of the toaster fight. Eddie tells Jeff that he loves the feeling he gets when he crushes Joy. Jeff invites Eddie and Joy to a surprise party for Steph and Eddie rants about why surprise parties are a bad idea. Tom enters the teacher's lounge and Eddie introduces himself. Tom seems lonely and starts rambling about his life. Eddie interrupts asks Tom about the toaster. Tom says Eddie is right, and Eddie leaves to call his wife. Eddie invites Tom to dinner.

At dinner, Joy watches Tom suspiciously. Joy knows Eddie is up to something. Eddie tells Joy that Tom is a science teacher. Eddie asks Tom about the toaster again so he can enjoy Joy's reaction. Tom repeats his answer, and Joy asks Eddie to join her in the kitchen. Joy is upset that Eddie went through all that effort to be right. He plugs the toaster back in. Tom walks in and sees the toaster. He says because it's a newer model that it would use electricity even when it's off because it's using a little power to keep the microchips going. Joy dances and celebrates that Eddie is still wrong.

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