'Heroes' Review: The World is Sylar's Hostage (Season 4, Episode 9)

It's time to move on from the events that happened in the infamous roadside dinner in Texas to the events that transpired two weeks ago on Heroes. While the three-character arc per episode has made storylines a bit cohesive, it makes the show a little bit confusing to follow because of the sporadic continuity. But if you've stuck by this show through thick and thin, then you're already used to this minor glitch. Now on to the highlights of "Shadowboxing," the ninth episode of Heroes' fourth season.

Peter and Emma

I completely forgot about Jeremy the Healer-Killer since that happened about a couple of weeks ago on Heroes but the refresher at the beginning of "Shadowboxing" reminded me that Peter now has the ability to heal. This newfound ability turns out to be very helpful in his job as a paramedic though Peter may need to save himself eventually since using his healing powers completely drains him out. Meanwhile, we also learn why Emma dropped out of med school---her nephew drowned while she was babysitting and she couldn't hear or save him. But a little encouragement from Peter nudges Emma to the right direction and now she's considering practicing medicine again.

Claire and Noah

As it turns out, Claire doesn't have an elaborate plan, as we all had hoped, to clean up the sorority mess caused by Rebecca since she just told the two other pledges who witnessed invisible Rebecca and barbequed Claire that they've all been given drugged water bottles, which would explain all their weird hallucinations. And by golly it works. Not that it matters but I don't think anyone is that gullible. Noah doesn't exactly have a convoluted plan either. He just brings in his favorite weapon, the Haitian, who performs the oldest trick in Heroes' book just to make sure that two pledges don't exacerbate the situation. Little does Noah know that the worse is yet to come as Samuel reveals himself to Claire and tells her about the Carnies and that Rebecca is after Noah for killing her father. At the same time, Rebecca gives the same speech to Noah--- which eventually leads Noah's little run-in with Samuel over the magic compass. And while this drama is going on, Gretchen decides to pack her bags and leave, leaving Claire heartbroken.

Sylar and Matt

With Sylar having control over Matt's body, Matt is left with no choice than to tell Sylar the truth about Nathan and the body switching. Matt does so after Sylar kills a man who stops to help him with some car trouble. Still, Matt is not without some sort of control over Sylar's mind since he's able to force Sylar to write down the warning message, "I have a gun and I'm going to kill everyone in here," on a napkin in a dinner. When the cops arrive, Matt sacrifices himself while Sylar is shot several times. Will Matt die? With Peter around to possibly heal him, I highly doubt it.

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Nov 10, 2009 8:38PM EST

I have to say Matt's character has annoyed me lately but that moment when he sacrificed himself was pure genius and I completely didn't see it coming, it definitely redeemed his character for me. It's gunna be interesting to see where that goes. Personally I hope Sylar gets his body back pretty soon, cause it would really suck if they drag out this whole body and mind separation thing for the whole season.


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Nov 13, 2009 6:10AM EST

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