Recap 'Til Death: Season 1, Episode 10 - Daddy's Girl

Eddie is moving Joy's treadmill out of their daughter Alison's room. Joy argues that they can't keep Alison's room the same forever. Joy also knows that Eddie is Alison's favorite. Alison walks in the front door, and Eddie hurries downstairs, leaving Joy pinned behind the treadmill. Alison tells her parents that her ski trip with her boyfriend, Ryan, and his family was great. The Woodcocks come in the back door to tell the Starks they returned from their trip. The Woodcocks invite the Starks to a New Year's Eve party.

Alison gets a text message from Ryan. His aunt overheard her making fun of her mustache and Ryan tells her that he has to break up with her. Alison breaks down and runs to Joy. Joy embraces her daughter and grins at Eddie.

Joy tells Eddie about Alison and her talking the night before. She celebrates that their daughter ran to her. Eddie tries to deal with not being Alison's favorite anymore. Alison slowly walks into the kitchen, and Eddie pounces. He quickly forces her out the door for Philly cheese steaks.

At the diner, Alison is still upset about the break-up. The Woodcocks show up to pick up their hoagie for their party and remind the Starks that they're invited. Alison and Eddie talk, and Eddie sees that his daughter has changed. Ryan told Alison that she was too dark and sarcastic, both traits she got from Eddie. Eddie tries to tell her that those traits keep them from being a disgustingly cute couple like the Woodcocks. Alison doesn't care and plans to attend the Woodcocks' party.

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