Recap 'Til Death: Season 1, Episode 11 - The Anniversary Party

Eddie, wearing a suit, is on the couch waiting for Joy. She comes down the stairs and mentions she used Eddie's razor, so he says he is going to throw out the razor. Eddie asks Joy if she is ready and she responds by showing off her revealing evening gown and Eddie responds by saying she looks beautiful. He starts to complain about going to Stan's 25th anniversary party and how he had to go to the tux shop early in the morning. Joy asks Eddie to get the directions to the party. As Eddie opens the invitation envelope, Joy realizes Eddie never sent the RSVP for the party. Joy is a little annoyed because it was Eddie's responsibility to which Eddie responds the he is the "Big Picture Guy" in the relationship. Eddie suggests they don't go to the party but Joy says they are going and that the present Eddie bought for Stan must be great. Eddie looks puzzled and Joy realizes that Eddie never bought a present.

Joy and Eddie get to the party and Eddie immediately notices that they are serving mini lamb chops. He tells Joy she is going to have to get the appetizers for him because he is too slow to get them for himself. Stan sees Eddie and comes over to him and Joy. He says he is surprised to see him since he never sent the RSVP card. Stan is upset so Stan's wife Vicki says they should talk to the party planner to see if they can handle more people. Eddie sees more mini lamb chops so Joy hands him her wrap, tells him to check it, and decides "to end the madness" and find him some mini lamb chops. Jeff shows up and Eddie immediately insults him by saying he looks like a ten-year old. Jeff one ups him by saying Eddie looks like James Bond with a glandular problem. Steph excitedly runs up to Jeff to inform him that there is a DJ at the party and people are dancing. Jeff is slightly sour on the idea but Steph says that he needs to conquer his fear of dancing and that he is a good dancer. She then says to Eddie that Jeff didn't even do a first dance at their wedding. She goes off to request a song. Jeff then tells Eddie that the problem is not his, it's because Steph "dances like a whore."

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