Friday Night Lights: "East of Dillon" Season 4, Episode 1 - Review

Once again, I marvel at the fact that I even still have the privilege of writing about Friday Night Lights. Seriously, this show has defied the odds to a spectacular extent, and the fact that it is now in Season 4 (with Season 5 already ordered) is just awesome. And as usual, this show is awesome.

The premiere quickly reminded us of how drastically different this show will be this year. Lyla and Tyra are gone, and while Riggins and Saracen are still part of the show, they're not at Dillon High any more - and now, neither is Coach Taylor. Putting Eric in this new job at East Dillon High is an audacious move, completely changing the core dynamic of the show. I love exploring this new world with Eric. Okay, maybe they laid it on a little thick with how pathetic East Dillon is compared to West Dillon, but it was very effective.

Eric has to start from scratch here, building up a football team from nothing. We've never seen him in this position before, and it immediately makes for compelling drama. East Dillon certainly has slim pickings when it comes to team members, including plenty of guys with no discipline and no respect. One particularly cruel kid taunts Landry, leading to a fight - and a riveting scene which begins with Coach demanding the two boys work out their issues. Seeing Eric absolutely explode when Landry's nemesis simply continued being a jerk was truly awesome, with Kyle Chandler going all out, as Eric screamed his head off, yelling, "Get out now!" to everyone not willing to follow the rules.

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