UNNATURAL HISTORY ''Fountain of Truth'' Review

Fountain of Truth, the fifth episode of UNNATURAL HISTORY brought Henry's uncle Dante back into the picture from the pilot. When Dant's will is revealed, Henry inherits a plant and an encyclopaedia. The plant is promptly stolen but the encyclopaedia turns out to be a clue leading to more clues leading to a plant said to give eternal life.

Jasper meanwhile wanted to muscle up and join the Tornados basketball team to please his dad. “Yeah we're category five! What? You know like a tornado. This involves him eating protein bars. When the trio breaks into Dante's old office, he drops a wrapper. Julien, Dante's only son and an antagonistic teacher, is alerted to the contents of Dante's will to Henry and the secret of the plant.

A ditzy cheerleader is the villain-of-the-week, though unlike many shows Unnatural History does not rely on a fight sequence at the end. Nor does it need to. The cheerleader it turns out was a genius who baked muffins laced with the berry juice from the plant Henry had inherited, which she stole. Her reasoning was a dream as head cheerleader at Notre Dame which she could never have achieved unless she drugged the team to victory, since they sucked. Too much adrenaline leads to chaos in the court and we get a lesson and learn that cute guys don't date smart girls is a myth, that dumb guys don't date smart girls which is a lovely message from actress/model Italia Ricci who plays Maggie.

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