LOUIE ''Travel Day/South'' Review Season 1, Episode 5

Only Louis C.K. could make contrived air travel struggles, like nearly crashing and battling TSA agents to bring “certain liquids” on the plane, funny. Unfortunately it’s not funny enough to carry a whole episode of LOUIE. Last night’s episode, “Travel Day/South” tackles two subjects so easy to mock, air travel and the South, it’s a wonder that someone like Louis C.K. would decide to compile them into one episode. It opens with a stand up routine, like each episode does, about people thinking about themselves so highly they don’t deserve accidents to happen to them and how we generally doesn’t deserve anything. Louie sets off to the airport, with a bizarre taxi fight that has NEVER happened in New York City and we then find him in line at the airport to check into his flight. A couple next to him lose their minds at an attendant, where we are left to assume that the flight was cancelled. The couple then expects Louie to react similarly, but he knows, like we all do, that you need to be polite to folks who are able to ban you from flying the friendly skies for life. A stark conversation, about the plane Louie was supposed to fly on, crashed, forcing him to choose another flight. We are then reminded of the annoyance of flying by watching him deal with unloading everything in his bags to be loaded onto a conveyor belt to be checked by security, included a bottle of lube. After Louie finally gets on the plane, his neighbor is a large man, who takes up half the seat and if he was on Southwest, he would have been kicked off like Kevin Smith was. The plane, obviously, hits heavy turbulence, because apparently we wouldn’t have understood how painful traveling is without it being hit into our head. But no worries, everyone lands safe and sound, so Louie can now perform.

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