Psych Episode Recap: "One, Maybe Two Ways Out"

Nestor Carbonell is back and Franka Potente is guest starring, but none of that matters because this summer season finale is amazing for a completely different reason. This episode is crammed full of goodies so jump on Bourne (Sorry, I couldn't help myself) and follow the link to the good stuff.

Present Day. Franka Potente struts through the streets as ominous music plays. No, really. Eerie flashbacks with a screaming woman, a burning Mexican flag, and Franka Potente looking very capable, flicker across the screen for a moment and then we're back to the strutting.

In some sort of green space, Shawn and Gus eat ice cream as the words "Santa Barbara 0837 Hrs" appear. Apparently, Shawn copes with his Juliet issues by talking about opening up an Ice Cream Shoppe - pronounced "Shop-ee."

More Shawn and Gus eating ice cream. Shawn is predictably frustrated with the whole Declan and Juliet thing. To be fair, sweetie, you really only have yourself to blame for not being with Juliet. How many times have I told you to just make out already?

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