Friday Night Lights 4.04 Recap - "A Sort of Homecoming"

Previously on FNL: Tim tried to blow off the jailbait girlfriend-wannabe; Vince had issues with former Panther Luke joining the Lions; Matt's artistic mentor told Julie she was holding Matt back, but Matt told Julie that she was the most important thing in his life (awww); and the East Dillon Principal told Coach that the school was so strapped for cash that, should the football team not produce results, they'd shut it down.

Tami drives to work, listening to Slammin' Sammy Mead talk about the Panthers, who are still smarting from their forfeit last week (because Luke was playing for them illegally, don'tcha know). All the callers want to talk about is how Tami "hand-delivered" Luke to her husband's team. Tami looks as frustrated as Eric has for the last few years every time he listened to that show. Over at East Dillon, Coach greets the principal, calling him "Levi". Levi passive-aggressively congratulates Coach on finishing a game; Coach ignores this and suggests that a pep rally would help the team's morale. Only when he tells Levi it won't cost the school a dime does Levi give his okay; he's out the door before he even says it. Tough crowd. Across town, Julie and Matt sit together as Jules finishes her final applications. She's applying to Brown, NYU, and a lot of other schools not located in Texas, with the exception of UT Austin. Matt, shocked at just how far and how fast Julie might be gone, says nothing.

Lions practice. Vince (#5) and Luke (#44) get in each other's faces over a play, with Vince yelling at Luke to "get out of his way." Coach calls them over for some old-fashioned tough love, telling them that everyone's getting tired of them letting the team down. Coach, when has that ever worked for you on this show? On the next play, Vince gets slammed by a tackle; when he asks Luke where his coverage was, Luke shrugs that he just got out of Vince's way. "Why aren't you in the end zone?" Hee! It's like a prequel of the Riggins/Smash relationship, in a way. There's much charging at each other, and coaches stepping in to separate the two alpha-male wannabes. On the sidelines, Coach stares at the heavens for guidance, and then happens to glance over at the chicken-wire fence. A faded old sign, partially obscured by heavy vines, reads: "Dillon Lions Football: 1983 STATE CHAMPIONS." That's what I'm talking about. Coach glances from the sign to his team, and we go into the credits.

Riggins Ranch. Mindy and Billy sit at the dining room table as Tim walks in holding two huge hunting rifles. He's there to talk about the upcoming weekend, which will involve "deers and beer," because it's hunting season and the Riggins boys are supposed to go shoot things this weekend. Mindy is not feeling this, as you might imagine, asking if Billy – who's wearing a "Landing Strip" T-shirt, which is a nice touch – is planning on leaving her all alone. Tim is wearing a sleeveless tee in this scene, and I'd just like to thank the producers for being such giving people. Thanks, show! Billy tries to talk Mindy down, telling her that he and Timmy can go hunting anytime. "No we cain't! That's why it's called hunting SEASON, Billy," Tim argues, claiming the best line of the episode less than one minute after the credits. Billy: "Seriously, I'm gonna put your head through a wall." Oh, Riggins boys. Never, ever change.

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