Stargate Universe 1.09 "Life" - Recap

So last night's SGU was the penultimate episode before the midseason finale. Did it set up the explosive episode that is supposed to carry us out until next year? Well, let's just say that everyone is stressed and can snap at any moment, so yeah, the midseason finale better be explosive.

The Set Up

Everybody is dealing with the stress of living on the Destiny: Chloe does yoga, the soldiers have the civilians and scientists do laps and exercises, Park has sex with an unknown soldier, Eli works on mathematical equations that Telford left behind, Young spies on Rush, Camile draws a painting, Franklin is not having any luck in his garden, and Spencer just popped his last pill. So in short, life is somewhat 'grand'.

Meanwhile back on Earth, Col. Buzz Killington (aka Telford) sits at the Communication Stones console asleep. A scientist comes to relieve him and tells him that it was Gen. O'Neill's orders for him to move his ass. I mean damn, why is he so obsessed with commanding the Destiny?

But Telford surprises me even more when he calls up Col. Young's wife, Emily, and has dinner with her. He then tells her that he has an obligation (out of their friendship mind you) to tell Emily something about Young.

That bastard...

Back on the ship, Scott leads some people in a jogging session. The guy who Park was humping with says hi to her, but she barely say hi back to him. Was the sex bad, Park? It didn't look bad... TJ tries to talk to Spencer, who only mumbles that he is fine, but it is clear this man is one short hair from snapping a neck at any time. This prompts TJ to report to Young, who says that he wants TJ to run psych evaluations on the entire staff and crew.

Meanwhile, Rush cleared off two more sections of the ship and sends Greer and another soldier to check them out. One is another quarters area and the other? Well, it houses a Repository of Knowledge chair similar to the one found by the SG-1 team. Young checks in on Eli, who has been running all the combinations that Telford had set up to go home; all of them proved to be failures. Young then gives Camile and Scott clearance to use the communication stones.

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