Allison Mack: Chloe Could be the Next Dr. Fate in 'Smallville'?

Even though the recent episode of Smallville is "Warrior," we can't help but roll around in the aftermath of the epic "Absolute Justice." Looking at certain elements that these two have, we've come up with one major similarity between them: the prevailing presence of Chloe's character.

Actress Allison Mack revealed some of her thoughts about the show's latest to us, pointing out what lies ahead for the series. She also backtracked to that "Absolute Justice" moment with Dr. Fate, revealing the possibility of an exciting new storyline for Chloe. That is, as a successor to the JSA hero.

On the big Smallville TV event, we recall Dr. Fate telling the Watchtower that they share the same path. We may interpret this in several ways, but it's best to hear what the actress (and budding director) has to say.

"We have played around with lots of different things," Allison Mack exclaimed. "It could mean she's the next Dr. Fate. It could mean that she will soon be ridiculed and put in the hospital for being insane, like her mother, sort of a throwback to Chloe's fear of adopting her mother's mental illness."

Taking over the superhero name might be a stretch for Chloe, since she already has a place in her own team. Asked about Smallville's take on the Justice League, Allison Mack revealed that her character will be the one in control at last.

"I think they become a much more deliberate group of superheroes. They have a system and we have a commitment now, all of them do," she said.

"All of them are actually out and proactively seeking to fight crime and save the world in a way that was a little more haphazard before. With Chloe at the helm of all of them, I think they're a lot more effective and intentional in what it is they're trying to achieve."

Though Mack knows this could prove dangerous to her character, she knows it's full steam ahead for Chloe. "[H]er safety is threatened several times and she's starting to recognize that she's in the big kids league now and there's not really any turning back," she explained. "At this point in Chloe's life, she doesn't have a whole lot to lose."

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