'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains': Is This The Ultimate Edition?

Back in 2002 my good friend Mario Lanza wrote a speculative novel for the web called All-Star Survivor: Hawaii. The thing was massive. When printed out it was longer than almost any Stephen King novel. But it was just as addictive as the real show because his characters jumped off the page. Mario went on to write three more, including one exploring of the Second Chance concept fans are still waiting for.

Survivor: All Stars was supposed to be the ultimate season, but it was nothing like Mario's seemingly-realistic novel. It turns out that in real life heroes develop massive egos, great players get targeted from Day One, and intense competitors play like they're just there to collect a check.

Last night I felt like I was watching Mario's novel come to life. From the opening moments of the show - the iconic shots of Colby's hat and Coach's tattoo, Cirie's line that she's a gangsta in an Oprah suit - you knew that the characters we love were back.

The first challenge featured a shattered toe, a topless wrestler, Russell putting Tom in the Scorpion Death Lock, and a shoulder that had to be snapped back into place. Men, Tivo that challenge and watch it again. Sandra will teach you everything you need to know about unhooking a bra strap.

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