'So You Think You Can Dance' - 'Top 11 Perform' (Recap)

Dominic gets a week off as the first week of competition of 'So You Think You Can Dance' begins. We learn one odd nugget of information about each of the contestants. While some are not unusual (Cristina sings, Alex plays piano), the two that were interesting were that Melinda was on 'As the World Turns' and Alexie was a contestant on 'Star Search' (with Adam Shankman being one of the judges).

We're live for the first time and it almost looks like they didn't do any camera blocking for the opening sequence. Some of the sound was a bit off as well. Luckily, Cat looks stunning and is as upbeat as ever. I hope Nigel is being paid for all his unnecessary advertisements. He made references to 'The Karate Kid' and 'The Last Airbender' nonchalantly. Cat reminds us that the original numbers with "Tempo" are now changed with "Best," so callers be ware.

Billy & Lauren - Broadway (Tyce Diorio) - The performance is an interesting way to start off the season; the routine didn't really follow the frantic beat of the song; Billy danced above the choreography. With an all-star next to him, Billy stood out, but there was no connection between the two.

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