Heroes Cancellation Buzz: "Everyone is expecting this to be the last season." - Featured

Here is some Heroes-related cancellation news that shouldn't be all too surprising with the way the ratings have been looking this season:

With the news that star Sendhil Ramamurthy (Mohinder) has been cast in an NBC pilot for next Fall, the future of the series as a whole has again been thrown into question. One of the lead actors in the show taking a new pilot cannot be a good sign, right?

NBC reminds us that "Rex is just a pilot right now, so [Sendhil] is still on Heroes. Rex is in second position to Heroes." This means that should both his pilot get picked up and Heroes were to get another season, he would still be attached to Heroes. But - since his pilot is also an NBC show - you can kind of see just how much faith the network has in Heroes' survival. NBC probably wouldn't cast Ramamurthy in a pilot unless they seem to think he'll be needing a new show to appear in next Fall, right?

Furthermore, says a source on the show, "Everyone is expecting this to be the last season. The cast, the crew, everyone."

So there you have it.



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Dec 2, 2009 7:36PM EST

I don't think Heroes would be too sad to lose Mohinder, whilst it would be unfair to place all of the shows problems with him, he can certainly share the blame. He used to be interesting, now it just seems he's going through the motions. Oh and while were on the matter of removing people, If they want to save the show, they should lose the cheerleader!

Dec 2, 2009 8:35PM EST

Ok so the new series of heroes is lacking but to me i just don't like peters new power where he can only take on one new one. I like the cheerleader however she is losing her edge, how can you kill someone who can't die anyways? peters father is dead so no1 can absorb her power... =\ hmmm i do miss mika though what happened to him? sylar is just awesome

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Dec 2, 2009 9:17PM EST

i think they need to give peters original powers back, let him gain all those powers he had before back, he was way more interesting to watch before.BTW something i been meaning to ask is what ever happened to that Irish girl that went into the future with peter way back when, did i miss an episode or something back then?

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Dec 2, 2009 11:43PM EST

I agree with you guys about peter, they need a way for him to be himself again. I also had wondered what on earth happened to Mika and why peter has never tried to do anything to get her back. I do think this season has been better, having another villain is a good thing for the show. If this is actually the last season I can't possibly see how they could wrap up all the loose ends.

Dec 3, 2009 1:17AM EST

I think it time for heroes to finish. I love Sendhil, but Mohinder bores me. I really am getting sick of all the characters, especially the claire. There new character seem interesting this season, but I don't think that is enough. Peter, while attractive, has always been a bit dull- and now that they neutered him(power wise) I am kind of just over it. I hope they bring back Sylar's protegé before the show ends.

Dec 3, 2009 7:13AM EST

Mika, like so many others, was thrown out with the garbage. It's pretty much why the show sucks. None of the fans can get attached to a character when we never know if they'll just be forgotten by the writers. And if we can't get attached to the characters, we can't get attached to the show.
And then there's the problem that no dead character is safe from being resurrected. So we never know if our favorite character is going to die and stay dead. In turn, we cannot possibly gain any emotion from a death, and so, we cannot possibly gain any emotion for this show. Most of us, at least.
By the way, Mika was helping the "heroes" get away from Danko's men. He seemed to be a pretty big help, but then one of the "heroes" told him to go away and let the adults take care of the adult situations, so Mika was never heard from again...

Dec 4, 2009 1:00AM EST

I was all excited for this season....then 5 or so eps in i realized something. There is to much going on and, unlike season 1 or 3, there isn't much connection between each story. Seasons 1 and 3 ( i hated 2 just cause of stupid storyline) worked because they had one main story, which was told by different perspectives, and focused around the duality of good and evil.
So far season 4 is just a crappy drama of sylar. this series has to end this time, hopefully it will go out with dignity with a finally with closure, instead of force feeding a cliffhanger to cling at staying alive

Dec 5, 2009 12:31AM EST

I disagree with a lot of the comments, and the sentiments here. And while agreeing with some of them, I think it's ridiculous to want the death of a series because you just don't think it's interesting anymore. What ever happened to different people liking different things? Do you not like spaghetti..do you also hope that it ends, too? You think meat and ice cream is bad for you so it should be banned for everyone? Come on. If you aren't interested in Heroes anymore, then I can so no more to that than you not liking tuna casserole anymore; but should it go away forever? I don't think so.
I personally don't wish for the end of Heroes, as much as I do think many episodes in this season have been s-l-o-w. At the same time, I'm in love with the show and I don't mind it sticking around as long as it wants to tell and show me more. A story is a story. BUT that doesn't mean that if I had my way I wouldn't change a thing or two.
Claire, on the other hand, I'm hearing a lot about and I'm surprisingly finding myself in agreement. Her powers are great, simple, direct, but - is there some way to evolve them into something more interesting? Because so far her role still seems to be to get cut or broken, step back, look casually off into the distance, and heal. And while it never lost its coolness, it has lost its edge. But losing her from the show entirely? Hayden? That probably wouldn't be good. I think at least that something in the storyline really needs to PUSH her ability so we can get a feel for all the kewl stuff it can do; you know, just like they did with Superman and many of the X-men (eventually). Getting a good look at all the crazy stuff Wolverine can accomplish, for instance, like exploding and regenerating from a cell but losing his memory entirely..is interesting.
Mohinder got kewl when he got a power. Admit it. But I haven't seen him use these in a long time. Did he lose them somehow? And how did Simon kill him so easily? Simon's got control of the dirt, but he can still get his ass kicked to kingdom come. Would have liked to have seen it. But Mohinder off the show? Nah, not for me. I mean, heck, half the time he's still the narrator. Right?
PETER is neutered. Indeed. This HAS gotten old. Sure he was overpowered before, for some, but so is Sylar. And that made the show kewl. And while at first in season 1 he was a lot like Luke Skywalker in Star Wars - a whiny kid, unsure of himself and his ability - by the time later seasons rolled around and up until his dad got ahold of him, he had become the bad-ass in Return of the Jedi (to some extent). You just knew that when Peter showed up, some asses were to be kicked. Sylar's too. And that was kewl. And certain elements actually kept him in check for that matter; such as Rene, for instance and any character like Rene. A power stealing, suppressing, or absorbing character would be his kryptonite, so he wasn't really overpowered after all, really. A little memory loss, a touch by his father, he's back to square one. I just wish that he'd recover from this already.
Goodbye Senator Petrelli. We'll miss ya', but maybe let's make room for other stuff now.
The hearing-impaired character is a little weak and repetitive for me (and slow). But that's just me. She needs a bad-ass angle that I haven't seen much of yet, aside from the one time she ripped a hole in her wall. but eh, whatevs.
Sylar is most likely indeed Samuel's worst nightmare. And Sam's carnies are indeed most likely Sylar's best luncheon. Can't wait to see it.
As for the tons of characters that have disappeared - including Micah, his cousin (yes, the muscle memory girl), and the irish love interest among many others - I do agree that the writers leave too many holes.

Dec 5, 2009 12:34AM EST

But as far as the series being cancelled on NBC? You bet. NBC is not about good art and storytelling, and there's NO way that Heroes has the glitz and the glam that NBC sells to keep it alive. That said, you know and I know that after this season is cancelled, the show will inevitably find its way to the Sci-Fi channel or some other network. Not to mention a movie or two that probably goes straight to DVD, graphic novels, fan flicks, webisodes, and all sorts of other stuff. Cancelling this show on NBC, when it *does* happen, will amount to little more than Heroes' incredibly huge fan base finding a different channel or source through which to watch their favorite heroes.

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Dec 7, 2009 8:49PM EST

lol just get peter near baby matt he fixed hiro

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Dec 7, 2009 10:41PM EST

Has ANYONE been watching Heroes? It's completely plausible that Mohinder dies. Therefore, he's looking for a job. I'm not saying Heroes isn't in trouble, I'm just saying Mohinder being cast in a pilot means Heroes is being cancelled. Logic fail.

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Dec 8, 2009 1:08AM EST

the problem i have with heroes is i was expecting more hero vs villain action. not just people with powers shredding normal humans, i wanted more epic fights. as far as i can think of the only real badass fight we kinda seen was sylar vs peter in the "5 years gone" episode. and that was cut just as it was getting good.
maybe im just a mindless action junkie but when you have a show with basically superheroes you should be able to get some good action from it. i really dont mind the drama and everything in the show but they could compensate with some powers vs powers fights. but now that peter only can take one power at the time he wouldnt be able to do much against sylar anyway
i was basically expecting an x-men movie in series form. but that wouldnt have been to great.... :D

Dec 8, 2009 2:09AM EST

Who cares about Mohinder???!

Dec 8, 2009 3:11AM EST

why couldn't they use Claire's blood to bring Nathan back?

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Dec 10, 2009 10:03PM EST

please don't bring nathan back. He annoyed me, he swung from bad to good every 2 seconds. I was happy he was killed off in season 3 yet he was still there for another half a season. IK'm pretty glad he has gone for good now. He has had some pretty good moments this season, but that's only because it wasn't actually him.

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Dec 20, 2009 2:51AM EST

They can save the show it's possible.
First off, just because an actor is a well loved actor, basically like in the first season where everything was dependent on the story...yeah. Once a storyline is resolved goodbye character. If they're still alive, they can guest star occasionally, but honestly, to save the show the show needs to move on. New Characters, or bring back old ones and let us know what happened there like Mika and Monica and Sylar's protege, oh yeah Irish girl, huge plot hole.
I love the new carnies, the new characters are what's keeping it afloat.
Also Peter and Sylar. There is no way Sylar can be stopped he is Unstoppable, why? Because somebody decided neutering Peter was a great idea. No. Peter needs his power back so that they can have a smackdown, Peter and Sylar together and their story lines can be resolved.
Another 2 cents, I dunno bout anyone else but I no longer have access to a tv, and oftentimes I'll wait till a few episodes are out before watching them so that I can watch them in a row. Which wouldn't show up as a rating, I dunno if I'm the only one...
Either way the show is worth saving, only the writers can do it. I feel sorry for some of the actors that we'd have to watch go...but I'd rather see the series continue.

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