Recap: "Everything Happens for a Reason"

The season 5 premiere of The Hills left a few things hanging in the balance. Will Heidi and Lauren fix their friendship? Will Spencer fess up to flirting with the bartender? Onto the recap...

Spencer shows up at his sister Stephanie's to tell her that it was pretty messed up she took Heidi to Lauren's party and then showed her Cameron's text. "Who does that to their brother?" he asks. Stephanie has a pretty good follow-up by saying, "Who does that to their girlfriend?" and says she's going to stop calling him a good guy to Heidi "because you suck." Loves it. She then makes the point that he's obsessed with loyalty towards Heidi, so much so that he's abandoned his friends and will have no-one left when he's single. I'd say Stephanie wins this war of words.

Heidi goes to The Dime to get to the bottom of the situation. There, Stacie explains that Spencer was trying to get her to dance on the bar, and she had no clue he had a girlfriend. Right, because you've been living under a rock and don't know who Speidi is. Anywho, Heidi then confronts Spencer who turns the situation around on her by saying he's been stuck to her hip for the last three years. Heidi then tells him she's heading home to Colorado - what she always seems to do when the going gets tough.

In Crested Butte, CO, Heidi talks to her mom Darlene who's happy she's on the mend with Lauren. In an attempt to show Heidi that there are better male specimens out there, she brings up an ex-boyfriend Colby. Later that night at dinner, Colby just happens to be at the restaurant. Darlene reminds Heidi that he's a "good, strong Christian boy" and goes on and on about how they were so great together. Too bad Heidi isn't buying it.

At Diamond Foam and Fabric, Lauren and Stephanie are working on a project. Lauren is being a little cold and Steph tries to tell her that Heidi invited herself but that she should be open to them rekindling a friendship. "I hate your brother and she's marrying him," Lauren says. Pretty valid point. Lauren also says that if Steph was really her friend, she would have just had Heidi invite her to dinner rather than show up to her party. "You wouldn't have gone to dinner," Stephanie says. "Well if I wouldn't have gone to dinner would I really want her at my birthday?" Another point goes to Lauren.

Spencer and Brody meet up for the first time in awhile. Spencer says he's been awful and thanks him for returning his call and hearing his desperation. Brody stirs the pot a bit by saying that Heidi is believing a random guy and straight up left him. He also tells his "homie" that he needs to spread his wings and go out more.

So Spencer does exactly that. He heads back to The Dime to hang out with Stacie who tells him, "I thought she was nuts," referring to Heidi. They toast to "no crazy girlfriends" and continue to flirt until Spencer tells her it's the end of the evening. "What are we gonna do?"

Do you think Spencer will actually cheat on Heidi, and will Heidi ever take her mom's advice?

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