Recap: "Dream Team"

"Dream Team" chronicles Michael and Pam's first, ambitious and predictably uneven day at the Michael Scott Paper Company, while Jim finds himself facing off against Charles in a pickup soccer game.

Before I begin, can I just say: thank God for DVR! I forgot that there were two Office episodes on tonight, but my trusty DVR caught both, so I was actually able to recap both "Dream Team" and "The Michael Scott Paper Company". Whew.


I can empathize with poor Kevin. If you ask me to do anything more complicated than pick up the phone and talk, I'm at a loss. Transfering, conferencing, holding, muting - almost invariably I'll wind up hanging up on the person at the other end of the line. That's why I was whoopin' it up with the rest of the DM crew when Kevin finally got that call to the 'Nard dog. I was so proud.

Egg on His Face

Before he even begins the day, Michael can't begin the day. Michael has a panic attack in the form of obsessive French toast-making, as the enormity of his decision to leave Dundler Mifflin hits him. Pam brings him down by organizing his day into a series of very doable items in a list. The top priorities for the first day? Assemble a sales "dream team," meet with a local investor, and, after receiving a threatening letter from the association, finding an office space.

The Orange Team

Everybody has a weakness. Andy exploits Charles' love for soccer by running glaringly obvious soccer screenshots on his monitor. Charles comes by and pow-wows with Andy, and soon the entire office is sucking up/ (I loved Stanley taking a furtive peek at his notes and saying "I prefer Maradona. Diego Maradona. From Argentina.")

Jim resists sucking up at first by saying he's not a fan of the game, but when Charles dismisses him by saying "I guess it's not for everybody I suppose," Jim tries to save face by saying he's not a fan because he's a player instead. And that's when Dwight pounces. I love the relish Rainn Wilson brings to Dwight's character, who at long last has the upper hand. He suggests that Jim and Charles kick the soccer ball around after work, and Charles thinks that's a great idea. And so, as Dwight says, it's Game On!

I love you, Michael, but no

Michael convinces Vikram to leave his telemarketing job, and it looks like the dream team is starting to take shape. But on the way to the investor, Michael takes a "pit stop" at the local bowling alley, and it turns out it's to recruit Ryan, who's now, as the bowling manager calls him, "the shoe bitch." Ryan decides to make a go of it and leave the bowling job behind, and now the Michael Scott Paper company is fully staffed and on its way to make a pitch to get some seed money from this local investment club.

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