'American Idol' Season 9, Episode 35 Recap: Siobahn Goes Home As Shakira Rocks The House - Starpulse

Time to try something new with The Results Show Recap. Rather than force you to read paragraph after paragraph of my ramblings to find me express confusion over who these people are that are singing the number one song in the country or my thoughts on that week's castaway, we're breaking it down into three easily digestable sections for your reading pleasure. Ending, as always, with The Idol Power Rankings.

The Results

Well, my last remaining favorite contestant this year bites the dust in her first trip to the bottom three. It's not really hard to figure with those tattoos, piercings and offbeat attitude, Siobahn is just too weird for middle America. It'll be their loss as Siobahn was, without a doubt, the most entertaining contestant in this competition. But a few mismatched theme weeks and some drab performances mean no more Siobahn.

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