'America's Next Top Model' Season 14, Episode 8 Recap: 'Welcome To New Zealand' - Starpulse

America's Next Top Model spent its first week abroad this cycle. Krista and Angelea traveled in first class for the long flight while the rest of the girls were slumming it in coach. Once they arrived, everyone acknowledged how beautiful New Zealand was, except for Jessica; she said that it looked like Arkansas. No, I'm not kidding. The girls were greeted by the Maori tribe of New Zealand performing a ritual dance. After this performance, they were given their first challenge - Go sees. The girls did not even have time to get cleaned up or rest, they just headed straight out.

Most of the girls impressed the New Zealand designers. Most of them liked Raina's face, but commented that her walk wasn't ideal. A swimsuit designer really thought Alasia embodied her clothes well. Krista also got primarily good feedback. However, all three (Raina, Alasia and Krista) were eliminated for showing up to their final destination late. Krista was three minutes late, while Alasia was 45 minutes late. The host of New Zealand's Next Top Model, Sara, said that it was completely inexcusable to be that late. Alasia blamed herself because she left her map at one of the go-sees.

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