Smallville 10.03 ''Supergirl'' Review

This episode continues the storyline of Clark Kent as he nears his ultimate destiny. The return of Kara is a catalyst, her eighteen month quest to find Kandor culminating in her return to Metropolis. Her reappearance forces Clark to deal with the reaffirmation that they are the last remaining members of the House of El. It impacts him greatly, as does the climatic moment where Kara manages to fend off the Dark Force to save Clark’s life.

With this episode, the seasonal (and series) arc comes into wider context. We discover that pride is not Clark’s weakness, rather a smaller part of the core weakness that is fear: fear of the future, of his destiny, of his failings. In the comic-books, Clark (in his Superman guise) is seen as the Man Of Tomorrow, a beacon of hope for humanity and aliens alike. Yet in this series, even with his many accomplishments, Clark is deathly afraid that he won’t be enough; that he can’t live up to the expectations of The Legion, of the vision he saw in Salvation and the words of Doctor Fate from Absolute Justice

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