Review: Lie to Me Season 2, Episode 14

Words cannot express how excited I was when I saw that Enver Gjokaj was going to be in this week’s episode of LIE TO ME, titled “React To Contact.” I was extremely impressed with his work on Dollhouse and when that show was sadly cancelled, I really hoped this talented actor would keep on working. I was also excited to see Alona Tal, whom I’ve been a fan of since her work on another of my favorite shows, Supernatural.

In this episode of Lie To Me, these two guest stars play a married couple dealing with the trauma of a husband who is apparently suffering from PTSD after returning home from war. Everyone seems convinced that it’s a cut and dry case, but right off the bat Cal starts looking into it as if there might be more to it than that.

In the end Cal is of course right once again as it turns that the captain of the platoon committed a crime - not only shooting a fellow soldier in friendly fire but then covering up his mistake with an air strike.

Some of my favorite bits…

Cal bluntly getting straight to the point and asking Jeff what he was so scared of, so that he could tell what was happening with the guy. I love how he’s always pushing people. It really works for him.

Jeff calling Cal a “smartass limey bastard”…..and Cal not getting the least bit insulted by it. LOL.

The amazing realism of the virtual reality run-through they were able to pull off in the lab, allowing Jeff to re-live his last mission.

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