Dollhouse: "Meet Jane Doe" - Review Season 2, Episode 7

Dollhouse has definitely become more interesting of late, with a more layered, complex plotline giving us more to invest in. But "Meet Jane Doe" reminded us once more that among this show's fundamental issues is its main character, and how un-engaging she is (I swear, the accidental engagement puns are just impossible to avoid!).

Last time we saw Echo, she was in Washington, DC. But this episode found her having magically transported herself to an unidentified town filled with cardboard cutout portrayals of evil southerners, from the nasty, judgmental clerk at a convenience store, to the local sheriff who doesn't mind his men beating a prisoner here or there.

We were then treated to an odd time jump, as Echo -- in scenes that again reinforced that Eliza Dushku is really not good at playing the "simple" doll personality -- went from homeless girl digging apples out of dumpsters to living with Ballard, who was helping her train her mind and body. The two came up with a plan for Echo to break a gal named Galena out of jail, after she'd been locked up following an encounter with Galena.

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