Chuck: "Chuck Versus Operation Awesome" Review Season 3, Episode 4

Devon lives! Even if you skipped the spoiler-filled preview, the fact that we didn't definitively see Devon die (or even hear clearly what Sarah told Chuck) made it pretty clear he was still alive, so thankfully this episode told us that immediately - albeit, by showing us Devon in big trouble, as a tough as nails Ring operative, Sydney (Angie Harmon), held him off the side of a building.

I realized watching this episode that despite Harmon having been around for quite awhile, I am barely familiar with her work, having not been a viewer of any of her series - unless you count her vocal performance as Barbara Gordon on Batman Beyond. But she was very good on Chuck, coming off as believably tough and not to be trifled with, including in her fight with Sarah. We've seen Sarah in a few girl on girl fights, but Sydney (whose name I presume has at least a minor homage in Sydney Bristow) came off as perhaps the most dangerous - and she actually beat Sarah! In fact, I was a bit bummed when Sydney was killed at the end, since she seemed like she had potential as a credible ongoing threat.

Sydney believed Devon was a spy, which led to Devon having to essentially go on a mission of his own, eventually accompanied by Chuck. This was a very strong sequence, from the humor of Chuck's "Good guys"/"Bad guys" labels for Devon on his two watches, to Chuck's bad ass moment with the tranquilizer guns, which he told an amazed Devon was all due to Duck Hunt honed skills.

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