Recap - Chuck 3.4 "Chuck vs. Operation Awesome"

"Chuck vs. Operation Awesome" picks up right where the previous episode ended, with Captain Awesome (hereafter called by his first name, Devon) captured by The Ring. Devon is being held on the roof of the hospital by Sydney Prince (Angie Harmon), operative for The Ring: Los Angeles. Sydney believes Devon to be a world-class CIA spy, and she needs him for something. Back in Castle, Chuck is freaking out about Devon's safety. Casey and Sarah tell him to relax and just go to work. They can't do anything for Devon until he is contacted by Sydney again - if she thinks he is a spy and he doesn't do what she says, she will kill him. Chuck tries to talk himself into being calm, but is unsuccessful.

Morgan, too, is unsuccessful in keeping his emotions in check. Despite Big Mike's love of his mornings alone (it is a time for reflection and pastry after all), he has called Morgan into his office to discuss Morgan's future with the Buy More. Big Mike has noticed Morgan getting more respect from his co-workers, so he asks Morgan if he, "Son," would like to be Assistant Manager. Morgan, although still weirded out by his mother's relationship with Big Mike, accepts. An agitated Chuck, meanwhile, is working the floor at the Buy More. He dismisses a Japanese customer, and when she has some choice words for him, Chuck flashes Japanese fluency and tells her off. Now further discombobulated, Jeff and Lester ask Chuck to settle an argument: who would win in a fight, Jean-Claude Van Damme or Steven Seagal? To illustrate his query, Lester playfully karate chops at Chuck. Well, the Intersect doesn't discern between a real or pretend threat, especially when Chuck is not in control of his emotions. Chuck's kung fu skills kick in, and with one roundhouse kick to the face ("Boom Boom Pow!" yells an impressed Jeff), Chuck lays out Lester. Devon rushes in, to Chuck and Sarah's relief, and tells them that he's scared, "They think I'm a spy, Chuck. They think I'm you."

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