Recap Charmed: Season 6, Episode 13 - Used Karma

While Phoebe and Paige are having a dinner party with Jason and Richard, Piper is in a catacomb fighting off swarm demons. Leo tells Phoebe and Paige that Piper needs their help. While Richard keeps Jason occupied, the sisters try to fight off the demons. But as soon as they vanquish one, two more appear in its place.

Deciding that they need a new strategy, they orb back to the manor, but Jason walks in and sees them magically appear out of nowhere. He faints.

After he recovers, Phoebe tries to explain, but he drives off. Richard blames himself for what happened, saying he's carrying generations of his family's bad karma. Paige tells him that if anyone's bad karma is responsible, it's Phoebe's. She's been with Jason for more than a year, leading a double life.

Richard isn't convinced. He casts a karma cleansing spell, but it affects Phoebe instead. Unknown to the sisters, she's infected by the karma of Mata Hari, the legendary Dutch double agent who worked as an exotic dancer in France during World War I.

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