Recap Charmed: Season 6, Episode 15 - I Dream of Phoebe

This episode opens with Phoebe arriving at the newspaper and checking her messages. She is startled by Chris, who is waiting in her office to ask for help. He admits that he has been ignoring her 'calls' ("I put you on mute.") while consulting oracles and fortune tellers and such who advised him that this is the month of his conception. If he can't get Piper and Leo back together soon, he won't be conceived ("If mom and dad don't screw, this month, I'm screwed"). Phoebe berates Chris for making so many mistakes and then gets an empathic flash from one of her messages. She and Chris orb to a desert cave in the Middle East where they are attacked by two demons. After Phoebe vanquishes them, another demon, this one on a flying carpet, attacks and is driven away. Phoebe picks up a bottle which fell from the flying carpet and out pops Jinny the genie, who promptly thanks Phoebe for responding to her letter.

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