Former 'Bachelorette' on Current Season

Easily one of the more successful products of the dating reality show genre, former Bachelor suitor and Bachelorette star Trista Sutter starts blogging for E! Online and dishes out what he thinks of the guys this season. Sutter, 36, had been married to hubby Ryan for almost six years. Their 2003 wedding was watched by 26 million people, one of the highest in the history of non-scripted television ever.

On Monday's episode of The Bachelorette, 15 guys remained and several had a chance to snag individual dates with Jillian. Ed, Trista writes, is "so cute" with his "great smile and perfect teeth." She can't believe Robby hasn't kissed a girl in two years and that he's a bartender.

Juan, meanwhile, came off to her as a huge player, and is now "way down at the bottom of my list of faves." And yeah, he thinks he's gay and doesn't know it. As for Tanner P's foot fetish, Trista isn't all that pleased. "We get that you've got a disgusting fetish, but can you maybe give it a teeny break?" As for Sasha, she's not exactly drawn to him either, more so after he "mentioned sheep, wolves, and unicorns in one sentence."

Meanwhile, reacting on the episode's main act, Trista says while she concedes it might be difficult to come up with original and interesting date ideas, acting on a movie set is not exactly their best yet.

"Maybe in theory it could seem like fun, but I can't believe Jillian would be up for a repeat of what happened on the soap opera date that she had while on The Bachelor. Yes, it's gotta show her their personalities, but I would so not have been cool with kissing dude after dude while the others were watching."

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