Life Unexpected Episode 12 Recap: "Father Unfigured"

In this week's episode of Life Unexpected, Cate, Baze and Lux head on a road trip to find Cate's missing father, Baze learns how to be a father and Lux decides it's time for them to truly be a family. Meanwhile, Bug is back at the bar trying to repair damage done by some friends from his past.

Welcome to another morning in Portland with Ryan's and Cate's voices streaming through the airwaves. They're discussing the lack of responses on their Evite page to their wedding. Hello, it's an Evite! Since there are only six short days until the nuptials, they had to improvise with invitations, but that doesn't mean it gives Baze a right not to RSVP yet.

Speaking of, Baze is debating whether or not to attend the wedding. He tells Bug that he's been messed up ever since Abby told him that he had feelings for Cate. He argues that he doesn't want to have these feelings because he's already messed up Cate's life, so Bug suggests keeping his distance.

Meanwhile, Cate and Lux dig through the attic at Mama Cassidy's house to find the traditional wedding good luck charms. After making me feel old that Lux didn't know who Kirk Cameron was, she uncovers a stack of letters from Cate's father she didn't know about. Her mother hid the letters because she didn't want to give Cate false hope, and it turns out she lied about why her father left in the first place.

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