The Biggest Loser: Couples Episode Recap: Week 12

It's been exactly three months since the contestants came to the Biggest Loser, ranch and the stakes are getting high. Alison reveals yet another twist that can result in immunity for the week with the push of a button. As Ali presses it, lights go on, sirens go off and the scale is revealed. The first player to lose two percent of their body weight gets the reward, but the trick is, a contestant can only press the button to weigh in once. So, it's essentially a guessing game. Everyone is shocked when, after only a short amount of time working out, Victoria takes her shot at immunity. She steps on the scale needing to lose 6 pounds, but doesn't do it.


There are 1000 one-pound weights in the pool, and the first person to put 100 of them on their scale wins a trip for two to the Biggest Loser resort. The last person to finish also gets somethig: a one-pound penalty at weigh-in. Once a person's pounds are collected, they can then decide to help (or not help) a friend. This part was clearly written against Melissa because after Sunshine pulls out the victory (yay!) and Sam comes in second, they both help O'Neal and leave Melissa in the dust. She comes in last and gets hit with the penalty. What's interesting is that Melissa thinks her fellow competitors are dumb for helping out someone like Michael who has so much weight still to lose, but in reality they just want her out of the game and aren't necessarily thinking game-play like she is.

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