What Comes After "Happily Ever After"?

One Tree Hill aired a fantastic series finale last night, only it wasn't actually a series finale. The CW renewed One Tree Hill for a seventh season, and after seeing the season 6 finale, I'm pretty sure creator Mark Schwahn didn't want the network to dot hat.

The finale achieved everything a great series finale should do, specifically wrapping up everyone's stories and giving them a proper goodbye. Lucas and Peyton were a happy family with their cute but poorly named baby Sawyer Brooke Scott, driving off into the sunset. Victoria Davis atoned for her bad parenting and helped Brooke heal her emotional wounds, allowing B. Davis to fly to L.A. to tell Julian that she loved him.

Nathan made it to the NBA. Mouth and Millie moved in together again. Mia is a successful artist touring with her cute boyfriend. The only person without a proper conclusion was Dan Scott, still a ghost wandering around Tree Hill, his own personal Hell where no matter how hard he tries, he will never be forgiven. In a way, even that is a fitting end for the character.

Now all of the characters are living happily ever after and all is right with One Tree Hill.

Except that's not the end.

One Tree Hill will return for season 7, so as much as we'd all like to just pretend it's not and think that last night's episode was the series finale, we need to look forward. How does One Tree Hill move on to the next stage in its life?

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