FlashForward Episode Recap: "Believe" Episode 9

This week's episode, entitled "Believe," appropriately gives viewers a better look into the back story of Bryce. Last week, we only saw him briefly but we do know he's on a serious quest to find the girl in his flashforward who he looks so happy to see on April 29, 2010. Nicole was able to decipher the tattoo on this mystery girl's wrist as "believe."

At the beginning of the episode, we see Bryce four weeks before the day of the blackout playing the patient rather than the doctor. The doc is talking to him about how treatments have failed and the prognosis is not good for his type of cancer, which is now in stage four. We later learn that Bryce is suffering from a terminal form of Renal Cell Carcinoma. Bryce is obviously frustrated that the treatment isn't working and once he leaves the hospital, he accidentally backs up into another car as he's leaving the parking garage. Rather than exchange insurance information or even open his mouth at all, Bryce simply continues to run into the vintage Thunderbird over and over and over, showing just how hopeless he feels at that moment. Two weeks after that day, we see Bryce in the middle of a surgery with Olivia. She asks him one important question about the patient's platelet count and he doesn't have the answer. She asks another question and he misses his cue again. After the surgery, Bryce apologies for his missteps but Olivia suggests he think long and hard about whether he's committed to his profession.

Finally, the day of the blackout, we see Bryce in therapy. He hasn't told any of his coworkers or his family members about his sickness and while his shrink is urging him to find support and enjoy life, we next see Bryce on the pier about to put a bullet in his head right before the blackout.

Besides getting a better look into Bryce's world, we also get a peak into the life of his mystery girl. We learn the girl, Keiko, earned a prestigious position at the top robotics firm in Japan. However, she also plays guitar as a hobby and loves old Bob Dylan songs, which explains the guitar on her shoulder in the flashforward.

In the present, Bryce is now learning Japanese but we also see him battling some illness. He comes into work pale and faint, which pushes him to finally confess his illness to Olivia. Bryce tells her he's known for a year and lost a kidney right before he started at the hospital.

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